Active Prep Kit IV

Tramadol 8% / Gabapentin 10% / Menthol 2% / Camphor 2% / Albaderm Base   Available in 120 g, 240 g

(In-Office Compounding Kit)

Active Prep-Kit IV 60g NDC #: 45861-0115-03
Active Prep-Kit IV 120g NDC #: 45861-0115-02
Active Prep-Kit IV 240g NDC #: 45861-0115-01

Pharmaceutica North America’s Active Prep Kit IV In-Office Compounding Kit provides active ingredients and over the counter (OTC) remedies for a strong level of pain relief. The kit includes Alba-derm, our unique oil-in-water emulsion transdermal base.

Tramadol is a synthetic, centrally acting opioid analgesic that is highly effective for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe chronic or acute pain. It’s rapidly absorbed, and pain relief can usually be achieved within one hour. Tramadol is equivalent to morphine for moderate pain when used to treat postoperative patients. This drug has serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor effects. It’s been found useful in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy and restless leg syndrome.

Gabapentin is an analgesic and anticonvulsant drug used in the treatment of peripheral and central neuropathic pain and postherpetic neuralgia. Gabapentin offers symptomatic relief for patients with diabetic neuropathy and restless leg syndrome.

This drug is also used as adjunctive therapy for treatment of epilepsy and for partial seizures in patients over 12 years of age, and in some pediatric patients over three years of age. It’s also effective as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial seizures in pediatric patients age 3 to 12 years.

Camphor synthetic crystals provide relief from pain and itching for insect bites and stings, hemorrhoids, minor burns, and cold sores. As a topical medication, it provides an anesthetic and analgesic effect when used in 3 percent to 11 percent concentration. It is easily absorbed, and also used in preparations for the relief of back pain and osteoarthritis.

Menthol is an effective remedy for the temporary relief of minor scrapes, cuts, abrasions, irritations, or other skin conditions. This organic compound is provided as USP verified crystals. These are dissolvable in topical creams or sprays to provide a cooling or soothing sensation.