Stera Base


Stera Base serves as a stable delivery vehicle that accommodates most active pharmaceutical ingredients, has proven penetration capability, and encourages patient compliance with its emollient yet non-greasy quality. It’s highly recommended for cosmetic applications and topical treatments delivering hormones, anti-inflammatory agents, antifungals, hormones, and analgesics, and it’s available in a convenient 20 kg size to meet your compounding needs.

Pharmaceutica North America is proud to be a reliable supplier of high-quality Stera Base. Like all of our pharmaceuticals, Stera Base is manufactured and distributed in accordance with cGMP at an FDA and DEA registered facility. We’re one of the nation’s leading compounding pharmaceutical companies and we hope you’ll choose to take advantage of our years of experience and first-class customer service.

Characteristics and Uses of Stera Base:

Independent studies conducted by Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc. compared absorption of Progesterone mixed with Stera Base to other similar commercially available cream bases. After 24 hours, the tests confirmed that Stera Base delivered significantly more Progesterone at an accelerated rate.

The essential characteristics of Stera Base include:

  • Non-greasy
  • Non-irritant
  • Oil-in-water emulsion
  • White, smooth, stable cream
  • Stable over wide pH range
  • Paraben free

Pharmaceutical uses:

  • Excellent tolerance to diverse active pharmaceutical ingredients, including salt forms
  • Carries lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs, such as hormones and analgesics

Cosmetic uses:

  • Scientifically classified as an all-day moisturizer
  • Noncomedogenic moisturizer containing Vitamin E and Aloe Vera

When you purchase Stera Base 20 kg from Pharmaceutica North America, you gain more than a high-quality delivery base. Our customers also benefit from ongoing support and collaboration with pharmaceutical experts. Contact us today so we can answer your questions and work together to provide a seamless supply of the pharmaceutical products you need.