PNA Products

Pharmaceutica North America’s Exclusive Line of Superior Quality Compounding Pharmaceuticals and OTC Medications

Purity, Strength and Innovation

Pharmaceutica North America is committed to providing the highest quality active ingredients and delivery systems for compounding pharmacists and physicians. Our mandate is to ensure the safety, purity and stability of our pharmaceuticals and naturally derived ingredients for prescription or over the counter (OTC) medications. More patients are requesting the personalized services of compounding pharmacists and physicians to meet their needs for a higher level of care.

Smiling pharmacist showing prescription medication to customer

Our Superior Custom Kits, Bulk APIs and OTC Products

Pharmaceutica North America uses modern technology and advanced knowledge of ancient remedies to provide unique solutions for compounding pharmacists and physicians. Here is an overview of our product line:

  • Active Kits
    Our Active Kits including pre-weighed active ingredients and superior quality inactive ingredients for compounding medications into tablets, capsules or topical solutions. Learn More
  • Lenza
    Lenza over the counter external topical analgesics combine pure natural and pharmaceutical ingredients in our proprietary base. Learn More
  • Medrox
    Medrox over the counter topical analgesics are a blend of potent, high-quality natural and pharmaceutical ingredients. Learn More
  • Bulk APIs
    Our Bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) are raw materials of superior quality for modification in compounding formulas. Learn More
  • OTC Dietary Supplements
    OTC Dietary Supplements and topical solutions are a blend of modern pharmaceutical ingredients and natural remedies that have been used for centuries. Learn More
  • Custom Compounding Kits
    In–office Custom Compounding Kits provide compounding pharmacists and physicians with everything you need to customize a topical medication to suit your patient’s needs. Learn More

Your Business Is Our Business

We take pride in our products and our customer service. Our products are manufactured in accordance with cGMP and CFR at FDA and DEA registered facilities. We collaborate with Innovidalab to ensure that the medication you provide your patients is safe and effective. We welcome feedback from our clients. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, delivery or invoicing, don’t hesitate to contact us. Is there something we can be doing better? Please let us know.