Menthol is an active pharmaceutical ingredient used for the temporary relief of minor scrapes, cuts, abrasions, irritations or other skin conditions. This organic compound is provided as
USP verified crystals which are dissolvable in topical creams or sprays to provide a cooling or soothing sensation. It’s also used in transdermal patches, such as Pharmaceutica North

America’s Lenza Patch Menthol is derived from natural volatile oils such as peppermint. As a topical anesthetic and counterirritant, menthol is widely used to relieve pain caused by minor throat irritation as an antipruritic to reduce skin irritation and to soothe sunburn. It’s effective for the relief of minor headaches, muscle strain or sprain and as a decongestant. Menthol can be used alone or combined with other chemicals such as Lidocaine, or Camphor.

Pharmaceutica North America provides Menthol as a Bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). The purity and strength of API’s ensure that you are providing your patients with a stable,
safe medication of the highest standards.