LenzaPatch (5 Patches)

Pharmaceutica North America’s LenzaPatch is an over the counter topical analgesic infused in a transdermal patch for controlled release of the medication. The patch is applied to clean, dry skin for up to eight hours.

The formulation of Lidocaine HCL 4.00% and Menthol 1.00% is delivered in a blend of natural and pharmaceutical ingredients. LenzaPatch is effective for temporary relief of minor scrapes, cuts, abrasions and irritations.

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic which causes numbness by temporarily numbing the nerve endings. It relieves pain, itching and burning sensations. Lidocaine is more effective when combined with Menthol, which has a cooling and soothing sensation. Menthol is derived from natural volatile oils such as peppermint. LenzaPatch comes in a box of five.