API: Stera Base

What Is Stera Base and How Does It Work?

Stera Base is an oil-in-water base that is both paraben-free and stable over a large pH range. The product can be used to carry lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs, such as hormones and analgesics. The base can also be used as a moisturizing cream, perhaps with added supplements. The non-greasy emollient is typically irritant-free and is easy to wash away.

For more information, including a MSDS sheet, please see PNA’s Stera Base page.

Side Effects

Stera Base is a stable cream, but is incompatible with strong oxidants and is flammable at high temperatures. If the cream causes a skin irritation, wash with soap and water. If Stera Base gets in the eyes, flush with large amounts of water. If irritation persists, patient should get immediate medical aid. Patients who inhale the product should move to fresh air and may need oxygen. If the patient ingests the product, wash out the mouth and contact a physician. Induced vomiting is not recommended.



Stera Base should be stored in an appropriate container at room temperature. The product may decompose into toxic carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide fumes, and so should be disposed of according to federal and local laws and regulations.

Buying Guide

PNA is a recommended bulk supplier of Stera Base and other APIs. You can learn more about Stera Base here.

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